The Endangered Species Act

Happy to see private boat docks that the Corps of Engineers, National Marine Fisheries and others tried to get banned from the Columbia River along the McNary Pool. I spent 2+ years working with Central WA citizens to protect private docks…under the new shoreline plan we now have as many docks as ever! SEND ME TO WASH. DC TO WORK ON RE-WRITING THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT! I want DNA analysis confirmed as “best available science” and federal respect for private landowner rights!

Washington’s Agricultural Industry

Washington’s agricultural industry contributes nearly $10 billion a year to our economy. Employment in the ag industry has grown 32 percent in the past 10 years presenting significant challenges and opportunities. Expanding production in the 4th District will require even more workers; especially in less mechanized harvests of tree fruit, blueberries and wine grapes. Our world class agricultural production relies heavily on a skilled workforce. Securing our national borders to protect us from those who would attack our country is essential. However we must also end the costly, burdensome governmental obstacles in order to ensure foreign workers have an efficient, verifiable, legal path to come here and work. Our present work visa systems are broken. Our growers – who contribute so much to our regional economy – deserve better.

Kimber Ultra CDP II

One of my personal carry guns. Started as an annual member as a kid and worked my way up to Benefactor member. We should never forget that the 2nd Amendment is the right that ultimately guarantees all our other rights!